About Us

We are a group of Costa Rican investors with extensive experience in communication and technology seeking to solve road infrastructure problems, digital illiteracy, and the development of rural areas.

After more than 20 years in the technology industry, we understand the need to incorporate technology and creativity in the rural and touristic areas of Costa Rica. We seek to activate the economy and find creative solutions to provide a more organized growth for these communities.

We have started this pilot with the support of students and professionals in design, technology and communication who share our vision. It's a challenging road, but we love our country and we are willing to go “all-in”!

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Transform mobility in the rural areas of Costa Rica under a sustainable self sufficient model.
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Our solutions aim to reduce carbon emissions and provide services that protect our environment. Our life is finite; it's our responsibility to care for our living space to guarantee a better place for future generations.

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Economic growth

We believe in equitable exchange; if we receive, we also give. Our solutions are a source of income for local people and companies by promoting visits to shops and tourist spots where we operate.

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We want a safe Costa Rica. Everyone has the right to be able to move and enjoy the beauties that this country has to offer. We take it as our responsibility to promote this right and make it the foundation of our services.

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We’ve created alliances with transportation operators to create a service that provides accessible transportation for both visitors and locals in a community. Getting around is a must for everyone, and it should be a comfortable first-class experience.