How to organize a day trip to La Fortuna

October 20, 2022
La Fortuna
La Fortuna
How to organize a day trip to La Fortuna

It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. If you plan and manage your time effectively, seeing a part of La Fortuna on a day trip can be a reality. Of course, you must remember that when doing so, you will have to sacrifice some things to get the most out of the experience.

Before arriving in La Fortuna, it is essential that you decide at what time of the year you will visit. Still, from my experience, I recommend it is between the months of September and October and that you start your activities early in the day so it doesn't start raining while you are in the middle of a tour. You will be more likely to do more outdoor activities in different tourist attractions if you start early.

Remember that in La Fortuna, you can do all kinds of activities such as following rivers, hiking, dipping in hot springs, chocolate coffee tour, Creole cooking workshops, and bird watching, amongst other unusual adventures like going rafting or an ATV tour. For this, you will have to investigate the attractions of the place and choose the ones that are of most significant interest to you, hopefully taking into consideration their proximity to each other, so the transfer between one and the other doesn't take a lot of time.

Once you have your locations set, the logistics of the transfer are a priority. The EASY HOP community transportation service is a perfect option since you can visit up to three of the tourist destinations that are part of their circuit of stops –out of a total of 14–at a price that starts at $5 per person.

This shuttle is available from 7 30 a.m. to 6 pm, from Monday to Sunday, with trips leaving every two hours from downtown La Fortuna. By joining the private transportation service, community members and tourists can use this quality, safe transportation with high frequency and availability.

To do this, you must go to to buy your membership, which can be for one-time use, daily use, weekly use, or monthly use. Once the membership is purchased, the user can access the interactive map on the app to select a stop and verify the unit's location in real-time.

When the unit arrives, the driver will ask for your QR code (which you will receive with your membership) and verify that it matches your photo and identification. This guarantees that the service is secure and that only those with a membership will use it.

With the touristic destinations chosen and the transport logistics resolved, the issue of food is on the following checklist. In La Fortuna, you will find all kinds of restaurants, from the traditional sodas that offer typical delicious food at very reasonable prices to restaurants specializing in different types of international food.

Do not hesitate. Put this beautiful and magical community on your list of places to visit. I guarantee that the experience will be unforgettable.

My tour recommendation for adventurers :

Arenal National Park Hiking

Visit the Río Fortuna waterfall and the hidden waterfall 7 Ríos

Hike to Cerro Chato

Paddleboard tour in Lake Arenal or kayak


Adventure World Tours

Chollín (in the Tabacón River, and admission is free)

Poza El Salto (free entry) near Mundo Aventura

ATV Tour

My recommendation for nature lovers :

Mistico Park Suspension Bridges

Hiking Arenal Volcano

Visit the Rio Fortuna waterfall

Morning birding tour

Hot springs such as Baldí, Termales del Arenal or Ecotermales

Tour to Rio Celeste (2 hours from La Fortuna)

My recommendation for those who enjoy cultural activities:

Creole cooking classes (Costa Rican dishes)

North Fields Coffee Tour

Chocolate Tour at Rainforest Cafe

Maleku indigenous community tour

Essential tips for organizing your trip :

Visit the volcano early, you have a better chance of seeing it clearly in the morning.

Visit the websites of the destinations you want to visit with anticipation, because some locations, such as Mistico Park or Rainforest Chocolate Tour spaces, can be all booked. It's essential to buy the tickets in advance.

Take insect repellent and sunscreen with you if you walk on the mountain trails. 

It rains almost every day in La Fortuna, which is good for keeping the temperature cool. Remember to bring a waterproof sweater or jacket and extra clothing. 

Remember that it is possible to do several activities in a single day and in a relatively accessible and safe way. EasyHop is a private transportation platform that, with only $5 (round trip) or $12 per daily package, you can visit up to six of the best destinations in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.