The best plan to enjoy all the attractions of La Fortuna

October 20, 2022
La Fortuna
La Fortuna
The best plan to enjoy all the attractions of La Fortuna

To speak of La Fortuna is to refer to one of those places in the world that make you reconnect with the essentials of life through those small details that become unique and unrepeatable and that you only have the opportunity to experience when you reach this district of the canton of San Carlos, in Costa Rica.

The magic of this place begins with its people, characterized by their dedication to service, willingness to help others with a smile on their faces, and being worthy representatives of that natural refuge they call home. Each one of them, with the most incredible sense of pride, assumes the role of a tour guide as their own so that everyone who visits them can enjoy their attractions.

La Fortuna not only stands out for the majesty of the Arenal volcano but also for the great diversity of activities that can be carried out in it. From my experience, the key to enjoying all its attractions will depend, mainly, on the type of tourist you are, by this I mean if you define yourself as an adventurer, conservationist, or adaptive.

However, whatever your interest is, the first thing to remember is that you must allocate at least three or four nights to stay in the area. By doing so, you will be able to dedicate enough time to each of the tourist attractions you visit because, although there is not a vast distance between one and the other –the average is between 10 and 20 kilometers–, the time spent in each place should be, at least two and a half hours.

Part of the plan includes how you will get from one place to another because this will also determine which sites you can access. For example, with EasyHop's secure private transportation, you can visit up to three tourist destinations in a single day, paying only $12. You will have access to high-quality and very safe units.

Here I share with you those five places that you should definitely should get to explore when you go to La Fortuna:

-La Fortuna River Waterfall

It is an ideal place to share with family or friends, surrounded by nature and the waterfall that steals the attention of the site. It is a walk of about 20 minutes, with steps, but it is well worth the effort to reach it and bathe in its crystal clear waters.

-Hot springs

The tropical rain forest merges with the hot springs of La Fortuna, making this experience unique in the world.


You can choose from the variety that the area has to offer, but personally, my favorite is Arenal 1968. It allows you to walk through the lava that descended more than 60 years ago.

-Arenal Observatory Lodge

The ideal point where you will get the pure energy of the volcano is the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa. Thanks to its unparalleled 360° views and its amazing museum.

-Hanging bridges

Místico Park is considered by most visitors as the ideal place to connect with nature and discover the real essence of La Fortuna due to the forests and animals that are part of its biodiversity.

Remember that these are the tourist attractions you can't miss when you are in La Fortuna, but this area has much more to offer, even in the gastronomic realm that has been growing and evolving over the years. In addition, this place can also be taken as a starting point to go to other places, such as the beaches of Guanacaste and the famous Rio Celeste.