Prices and types of transportation to get around La Fortuna

October 20, 2022
La Fortuna
La Fortuna
Prices and types of transportation to get around La Fortuna

Getting to know the most significant tourist attractions in La Fortuna is possible if your visit is properly planned; taking into consideration logistical aspects such as the transportation between the different places you don't want to miss.

Having this in mind, these are some of the best options to achieve this goal:

Aprox Costs in La Fortuna


This private transportation is carried out under the shuttles model or shared transfers. It's important to know that this is the first and only option to travel to the main tourist attractions in La Fortuna safely and economically. Prices start at $5.

Another aspect that stands out about this service is that, by buying the membership, you can travel as many times as you want, in addition to getting on and off at the different stops established in the tourist circuit. These include the Rio Fortuna waterfall, hot springs, and the Arenal volcano. It's also the best option to get around the town and restaurants.

This transport is characterized by having a frequency of showing up every two hours. As for security, the driver is responsible for verifying the QR code of each passenger.

By entering the website, you can also choose and purchase the plan that best suits your needs in advance.


It is the most immediate option to move within La Fortuna, but it is essential to consider these available within the area. I recommend finding out the price before going on the trip because, for example, a trip from the center to the Arenal volcano has an average price of about $40 one way. If you want to do multiple activities the cost can be as high as $90. This doesn't include entrance fees to tourist destinations.


Its service is very similar to regular taxis. The thing is that, in Costa Rica, it's not a government-regulated service and in this area, drivers are not always available. In general, and according to the experience of some of the users, drivers tend to cancel the trip when they realize that it is not a long distance, such as reaching the Arenal volcano, whose price is about $25 one way.

Tours with private transportation package

Specialized terms are valuable because they guarantee the visitor the opportunity to live a unique experience in La Fortuna, such as paddle boarding on Lake Arenal, ATVs, canopy, rafting, and trekking, amongst others. The cost depends on the activity you decide to do, but these have an approximate base price of $100 per person. However, with services like EasyHop, you can save up to 60% of your money per activity, because it has stops at the most visited tourist spots in La Fortuna.

Rent a car

Renting a vehicle offers much flexibility to travel to any tourist area, which is very valuable for long distances. On average, the basic monthly rent for a car can be between $100 and $130, not including gasoline.

Public transportation

A bus leaves daily from San José to La Fortuna, at 8 am, at terminals 7-10. The cost of the ticket is approximately $7. As for the service between communities near La Fortuna, some routes depart from the community terminal to Tilarán, Z-13, El Castillo, and San Ramón, which cost between $5 and $6. These schedules should be consulted at the La Fortuna Bus Terminal since they can be modified without prior notice.